Therapeutic Gardens

therapeutic gardens winchester

Therapeutic Gardens are created to provide measurable benefits for patients with specific medical conditions.

These are spaces that are designed to be calming, restorative and healing (mentally and physically). To achieve these spaces physical design of garden space and consideration of the type of programming that is intended are intertwined with a vigorous plant dominated landscape.



therapeutic horticulture

therapeutic garden shenandoahGarden elements, features and equipment are all selected or modified to provide accessible spaces, activities and experiences to the greatest extent possible.




therapeutic garden design

A profusion of plants and people/plant interactions are planned to introduce individuals to intensive outdoor environments where there are provisions made of spaces and places for therapy and social exchanges.

therapeutic garden pathway




The Therapeutic Garden stimulates the full ranges of senses including memory, hearing, touch, smell and sometimes taste.

The universal design of Therapeutic Gardens is appealing to the widest possible range of conditions.


sensory garden




Excerpts from “Therapeutic Garden Characteristics”, AHTA Board of Directors, April 30 1995