Timber Ridge
2014- Present 

Helen developed and implemented a Therapeutic Horticulture Program in collaboration with and under the direction of the Director of Educational Services at Timber Ridge. Goals of the program are to teach basic life skills; provide the clients with a sense of accomplishment; a sense of joy; a sense of belonging to a group working together towards a common goal; seeing things through and a sense of purpose.

Helen’s students share:

“While working in the garden I forgot about what’s happening around me and focus on what’s going on in my garden bed.”  ~ AM

“Working in the garden is a peaceful activity”  ~ RB

“Working in the garden taught me how to feed my family when rough times come. It helped me to just get away for a minute.”  ~ TD

“With hard work, you can do anything!”  ~ KT

“Working in the garden helped me get out my stress. It made me want to plan another garden next year.”  ~ FH

“When I was in the garden I felt relaxed. It gave me something to focus on other than school and treatment.”   ~ CH